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Spotlight on Sustainability

Sustainability and social improvement are important commitments to Team Ash.  So, we are delighted to announce we have achieved Planet Mark certification, reinforcing our commitment to help tackle the climate crisis and invest in a brighter future for all.


Planet Mark certification measures a business’ carbon emissions.  Ash Communications’ total annual carbon footprint was 1.0 tCO2e and the relative carbon footprint was 0.2 tCO2e per employee.  The total emissions equate to just one flight from London to New York. 


With our focus on high-quality service and client satisfaction as well as continuous professional development to enable all our consultants to achieve their full potential, Ash Communications is helping to raise awareness of sustainability within the SME business 

environment.  Currently, 99 per cent of small firms recognise the importance of sustainability but three quarters of them (77 per cent) don’t know how to measure their carbon emissions and need support, according to research from Small Business Britain.  


Our commitment to Planet Mark certification aligns with the desire of the whole team to reduce the environmental impact of our business while giving back to the communities in which we operate to help improve society and enhance the lives of others across the world.  We’re really proud of the charities we support and the programmes we become involved in to tackle property poverty, deprivation and injustice.

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