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Top tips on how to organise a successful press trip 

by James Walerych



Press trips are a great way of securing in-depth reviews and enabling a closer relationship with the media, so it is important to capture the attention of key journalists, bloggers and influencers even when they have deadlines looming, hundreds of emails coming in at any one time and their phone ringing off the hook.


Here are our top tips on how to organise and host a successful press trip.


Know the media you are targeting 

Understand clearly who you are pitching the press event to by analysing the publication’s


profile and tailoring the invitation to its specific audience and requirements. With the evolution of digital, it is also important to supplement the “traditional” media with bloggers, vloggers and influencers who will bring new eyes to your brand.


Stand out from the crowd 

The media you will look to bring to the event probably get invited on lots of press trips on a daily


basis, which is why your event MUST stand out from the crowd, whether that is in the creative way your invitation is submitted or the experience you are offering them before, during and after the trip.


Pictures and videos are worth a 1000 words 

Images and video are just as important as the words of the article when it comes to bringing the story alive, which means you must be very selective with the content you are providing. With the evolution of smartphones and social media platforms, the media love to live stream from events, so make sure the location is spectacular or the activity brings something different to the table.


Be on hand during the event

Make sure the journalists have their welcome pack on arrival and that you have enough press kits available with the most relevant brand information. In addition, introduce the media to key spokespeople for the brand, as they will be great sources of information for stories both on the trip and in the future. 


Do you need help organising a press trip? Email to find out how we can make your event come to life.

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