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How to get your business online in just 7 days

By Olivia Sandu














As the world adjusts to the pandemic, an opportunity arises for businesses to think about switching to e-commerce. According to The Drum, 90 per cent of consumers say they’re shopping more online to fulfil their needs and they’re likely to continue this trend if they’ve been satisfied with the services and products ordered.


Among the most sought-after items are food and beverage, but sales of beauty products, cosmetics, apparel and accessories have also increased. Children’s entertainment is also a high priority, as toys and hobbies are among the popular purchases. Reports from Legal & General and Cebr also highlight the fact that TV, gaming, food and alcohol are the big winners, with households allocating an extra £247m a week on home comforts during the COVID-19 lockdown. 


Following the ‘isolation economy’, we will notice a long term shift in how money is being spent and on what. After creating new habits, people are likely to stick to the ones which have improved their lifestyle. For example, more than two thirds of people plan to continue cooking more meals at home, while more than half will be willing to pay more for products made in Britain. Consumer behaviours are adjusting at a fast pace and being flexible as a business to adapt to these new trends is vital. If your bricks & mortar business has slowed, now is the time to reconsider your approach and think about how to change quickly to the growing demand for online shopping and expand your audience.


With over 25 years’ experience as a consultancy specialising in PR, branding and marketing, we’ve created a full service e-commerce package that will get your store online in just seven days. Forget about having to work with many different specialists to put a website together and promote it – we can do all that for you, as we understand the current climate and have all the tools to support you in navigating the online space. 


Download our E-commerce package to read more about the five reasons why you should get your shop online and choose the plan that is right for you; we’ve tailored one for every level of investment, be it starter, rising star or pro. With a mix of web building, performance marketing, SEO, design, PR and social media, you can establish your presence quickly in this growing market. 


Consider taking action now, as for the next few months you could have an advantage over your competitors and your customers will be more understanding of the transition you’re going through, if this is communicated transparently.


‘Flexibility is the key to stability’, as coach John Wooden put it, and we’re offering just that opportunity for you. 

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