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Healthy start to the New Year with Concept2 

Aligning the brand with an Olympic rower

Concept2, the UK distributor of the world’s leading rowing machine, appointed Ash Communications to expand its customer base into the mainstream fitness arena and to educate the public, particularly females, about the all-round health, fitness and weight loss benefits of rowing.


Ash identified Olympic medallist hopeful Sophie Hosking as a potential brand ambassador for Concept2 and organised a photo shoot with the rower to align her with the indoor rowing machine.  We generated extensive media coverage ahead of the Olympics involving exercise programmes, advice columns, commentary and interviews in which the brand was supported.


“The benefits of rowing are not widely appreciated by the public, but those wishing to lose weight and keep fit will find that the machines provide an all round level of fitness and work all parts of the body to tone and strengthen and achieve weight loss., “says Alex Skelton “Ash understood our market and has huge empathy with our target audiences.”

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