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Song for Sue 

by Lynda Heath



From Debussy to David Bowie I have always adored music.  Playing piano, flute and guitar as a youngster I have grown up with a variety of musical genres.  My vinyl and CD collection is vast and eclectic to say the least.  There isn’t a month that goes by when I don’t have at least one gig or festival in my diary with performances lined-up by a wide range of artists such as Marillion, Rival Sons, Hope & Social, Elbow, Dandy Warhols and many, many more. 

So when it came to choosing my Sue Ash Day my choice was simple.  I wanted to gain an insight into song writing and uncovering the magic that has influenced and shaped my emotional and personal development over many years.


The course I attended was organised by The Songwriting Academy in London.  I was really surprised when I turned up to find another 100 or so delegates queuing for the Introduction to Songwriting.  Talking to a few of them over the

day, there were musicians, budding songwriters, DJs, singers and other professionals all keen to branch out and make songwriting their metier of choice.


The course tutor and founder was himself a successful songwriter for the likes of Gary Barlow, Celine Dion, Olivia Newton-John and LeAnn Rimes.  A former busker in Norwich, he detailed the painstaking journey he had trodden from rags to riches over the course of many years, finally arriving at his dream destination.

What we learned was that understanding the music industry, networking, grit and dogged determination are the keys to a potential career in this cut-throat world.  Like the songs that we personally empathise with, you must have a purpose for writing a song, draw on your own experiences and aim to make the listener relate to and feel a strong emotion towards your work.


Sadly, there was little practical work on the day so it was down to me to take all the learnings and feel inspired to start composing.  I find train journeys can be motivational.  There’s something about the movement of the train that lifts the creative spirit.


While I may be some time away from writing the next hit or winning a future Grammy, what I do know is that music is a life source;  it generates energy and passion, and I couldn’t live without it.


I’m so pleased to be able to develop my passion for writing in a slightly different environment and, who knows, maybe one day, I might just pen a masterpiece for Lady Gaga or Beyoncé!

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